We are happy to welcome a few new residents to our Buck Hill Falls community.

Drew, Evie, and Addie Snyder

Both Addie and Drew are fairly local to the Pocono Mountains. Drew’s family has owned and operated business in Stroudsburg since 1940. It’s where he grew up, and he and Addie have called it home for the last ten years. Addie grew up in the Easton area. They both love to hike and walk their dogs and are avid beach and pool-goers. Drew is an all-around fan of most athletics and plays golf, soccer, basketball (pretty much any-thing with a ball) and is eager to learn lawn bowling. Addie is a fan of yoga, hiking, and fitness in general. They’re winter jocks too and love to ski both downhill and cross-country. While they are looking forward to an active life at Buck Hill Falls, they also look forward to the cultural and historical side of the community. The Snyders have one daughter, Evie, and report “she’s an only child…for now!” Cottage 402 on Summit Drive will be their full-time residence.



Rodrigo, Charles, and Kirsten Risopatrón

Meet Rodrigo, Charles, and Kirsten Kantak-Risopatrón. Their lives have taken them from Geneva to Maplewood, NJ with stops in New York, Paris, and London. Their friendship with The Fretz family got them to this year’s luau. After a few drinks and contemplating jumping into the pool, they called realtor, Caroline Salvino, and it only took them a few days before signing on the dotted line to buy Cottage 292. Kirsten is CEO of a pharmaceutical advertising agency and Rodrigo is head of sales at a services company but he is still dreaming of being scouted as the next American star chef. Their son, Charles, loves meeting people and will soon be running for community mayor. They love good food, good wine, and can’t wait to share this passion with new friends in Buck Hill Falls.


Sarah, Tommy, Tom, and Henry McCabe

The McCabes had been looking for a home around various areas of the Poconos for about two years before they were introduced to Buck Hill Falls, when dear friends invited them to join in a rental here for a holiday weekend. Now they are the proud owners of Cottage 239 on Summit Drive. When not in residence, they live in Philadelphia in Queen Village. Sarah is an SVP at Stern Investor Relations, a biotech IR firm based in NYC. Tom is a SVP and Head of Business Development at Freeman’s, an art auction house in Philadelphia. They have two boys, Tommy and Henry and two Golden Retrievers, Rusty and Hunter. They love to explore new places, travel as a family, hike, play tennis, and golf; the boys play soccer, tennis, and ice hockey.



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