January is primetime for seasonal hibernation, but if you’re like many others, getting outside in the wintry weather is essential to keeping fit and staying in good spirits. But getting outside can be tough if you don’t have a plan for what to do once you get out there! Never fear, here in Buck Hill Falls there are a multitude of activities to keep you busy while enjoying the outdoors and the fresh winter air. We’re sharing our five favorite outdoor activities that you can partake in during the winter months – those that are sure to warm your spirits:


5. Sledding and Snow Tubing at Swarthmore Hill

Historically a ski slope, Swarthmore Hill has become a bastion for those of us who love speed when it comes to sledding and snow tubing. The great thing about these activities is that you don’t need to take any lessons or have any particular skill level. Just about anyone can enjoy them and they do! They are a great opportunity to socialize with your friends in the community. Just don’t forget to dress appropriately and after your fun on Swarthmore Hill, stop by Paiste Pond Chalet afterward to warm up near the firepits.


4. Ice Skating or Ice Hockey

Paiste Pond Chalet is a perfect venue for on-ice activities. There are very few things more picturesque than breezing across the ice, holding the hand of a loved one. Though it can take a bit of practice, once you get the hang of it, it can be a very relaxing activity solo or with a partner. For those among us who are more spry and more competitive, Paiste Pond Chalet can also be used for ice hockey, but let’s keep those games friendly, okay?


3. Hiking, Snowshoeing, or Cross-country Skiing

Did you know Buck Hill Falls has over 45 miles of well-marked trails? Whether the weather is snowy or sunny, those trails are out there waiting for you. Cross-country skiing has garnered quite the popularity as a winter pastime, and it’s a terrific way to get your exercise in and have fun doing it. Make sure your skis are waxed and tuned, and if you’ll be going uphill, you might want to invest in climbing skins to make the trek easier.

If the snow doesn’t fall, put the skis away, and get out your hiking boots. The trails await! Either way, don’t forget to dress in layers and take a pack. Feel free to stop by the falls (for which Buck Hill is named) and take a few selfies for Instagram.


2. Photography

Now, speaking of the trails, you don’t have to be an Instagram nut or a professional photographer to make memorable moments of the scenery. Whether you’ve invested in a high-quality, digital camera, found yourself a vintage Polaroid, or are just using your cell phone, it’s almost never a bad time to snap a selfie or get shots of the local flora and fauna. Memories fade, but photos last a lifetime.


1: Take Your Dog For A Stroll

This last one seems like a no-brainer (in fact, if you own a pup, you’re pretty much obligated to do this), but sometimes we get caught up in the minutia of our lives and neglect to give ourselves time to relax and take stock of the bigger picture. Walking your dog can be just as calming as it can be cathartic. It gives you time to breathe, enjoy the scenery of the community, and you get the time to bond with your furry friend to boot. And don’t forget to stop and say hello to the neighbors as you pass by!


Regardless of why you get outside in the winter weather, remember to take the time to enjoy life as much as you can whether its alone, with friends, or with your fur babies. What are your favorites? Share them with us on our Buck Hill Falls Facebook page! And then sign up for our public email list to get more info about all our winter activities here!

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