There is an unforgettable feeling of finishing a great meal with truly fresh ingredients, one that just leaves your palate and your entire being satisfied. That’s why we are thrilled about the updates to The Fairway Grille after speaking with our new Director of Food and Beverage, Joe Tripodi, who is training his brand new staff to take Buck Hill Falls to the next level in dining experiences this season.

One of the first things you will notice at the Grille is that the complementary focaccia bread, which is homemade and baked, in-house daily. The culinary staff add freshly-churned sweet butter and extra virgin herb-infused olive oil to make the taste just the right mix of salty and savory.

As for lunches, Fairway Grille diners can expect top-of-the-line foods from locally-sourced locations. Tripodi says, “We source the highest quality deli meats, allowing us to serve a quality product for our sandwiches and we have introduced a locally-sourced burger from Pocono Pro Foods.” That delicious made-to-order burger is made from brisket, sirloin, and chuck tenders.

For dinners, you can also expect the highest quality entrées. Tripodi says that “the freshly-caught salmon comes to the restaurant and has never been frozen, which is a sure sign of freshness. At times, the fish was caught and delivered from the boat to the plate, all within one day.”

Another great example of the excellent food quality we now have at the Grille is that all fish fabrications and beef butchering are done on premise, in-house. And every part is conserved for a myriad of dishes. “Fish and meat trimmings are utilized to make fresh soups and stocks,” Tripodi explains. “All the restaurant’s fresh-made products are made with minimal preservatives.”

And that’s not all, you may notice many fresh faces working at the restaurant this season. Tripodi has taken on aspiring culinary and hospitality individuals and hopes to aid them on their professional journey. To build a team that will exceed our expectations in service, Tripodi hosts daily training classes in cooking, service, communications, and professionalism for the entire Food and Beverage crew from dishwasher to host to cook. He is fostering the growth and skills they need, while providing notable leadership as the season begins.

All are welcome to dine at the Fairway Grille – We look forward to your visit.

Please call to make a reservation.

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