With their wide variety of activities and educational impact, summer programs offer more than just giving kids something to do while they’re out of school. Even if a child isn’t the most outdoorsy or outgoing individual, these programs provide something for everyone. Below are just a few examples of the benefits of summer programs.

Social Strengthening

A little kid swimming in a pool

While summer camp might be new territory for your child, he or she will encounter plenty of opportunities to develop new friendships and strong bonds with peers. Not only will your child have the chance to be a part of a team and strengthen communication skills, but summer camps will also provide an opportunity to develop emotional intelligence, too. These activities similarly give a child time to explore their own interests and build self-esteem independent of parental influence. You might even discover a newfound confidence in your child once it’s time to head back home.

Physical Stimulation

It’s no secret that kids spend a lot of time outdoors getting plenty of exercise during the summer. Activities like hiking, team sports, and more are sure to keep them on the move instead of sitting around at home until school is back in session. Summer programs can give them ample opportunities to appreciate the natural world and learn about their environment while enjoying themselves. Experiencing the outdoors lets children connect to a healthy lifestyle, which can last long after they’ve returned home.

Continued Education

They might not realize it, but children learn a lot during summer camp. This goes well beyond naming plants and trying new sports—the interpersonal prowess, environmental knowledge, and other practical skills they’ll pick up all contribute to a well-rounded mind. Many summer programs also offer classroom-style youth activities, like science and art programs, to keep their creative and problem-solving abilities sharp. This learning often comes without the fear of failing grades a child might experience in school, too, so it leaves them free to keep trying until they succeed.

The benefits stretch far and well after the program has ended, leaving memories your child can cherish for years to come. Buck Hill Falls has been teaching and inspiring kids for decades with its beautiful landscapes and engaging youth activities, so if you’re on the fence about sending your child to summer camp, look no further for a summer destination dedicated to fostering fellowship and growth. Get in touch with us today for more information about our community in the Poconos.