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Buck Hill Falls established a tennis facility with six clay tennis courts in 1913 and had attracted names like Bill Tilden, Vinnie Richards, Alice Marble, Don Budge, and Vic Seixas. In 1929, eight courts and the tennis club building were dedicated at Buck Hill, which hosted everything from club championships and intra-camp matches to dances, buffet lunches, and quickly became the community hub for entertainment. Edwin J. Faulkner was appointed the club’s first tennis professional in 1940 and he influenced tennis at Buck Hill for the next 20 years.


Today, located within the Tennis Tea Complex the tennis club includes 10 tennis courts with high-quality Har-Tru surfaces, as well as an entire staff of tennis professionals available for private lessons and a pro shop offering everything from tennis clothing and balls to racket try-outs, restringing, and grip changes. The Buck Hill Tennis Club offers an accelerated summer schedule featuring: member matches, clinics, Pro Ams (professional exhibitions), youth tournaments, social events, and specialty club offerings such as the annual historic-inspired, Woods and Whites Wimbledon Tournament. The club hosts up-and-coming tennis stars as well.

Players finished with their own games can sun themselves on the stone terrace while watching the action on the courts and members may stop by the air-conditioned, Tennis Tea Club Room for snacks and drinks.

Tennis Pro Shop

The Buck Hill Tennis Club Pro Shop offers necessities for men, women, and children such as: clothes, socks, racquets, and helpful services such as restringing. Additional requests for items can be ordered and received next day.

Tennis Attire/Dress Code

Tennis shorts and a shirt with sleeves are required.
Tennis skirts or shorts are required.
Are expected to follow these guidelines.
White tennis attire is not required, but it is encouraged. To keep our courts in good shape, and for player safety, all players require proper tennis footwear.

Book Court Time

Private Tennis Instruction

Short-Term or Seasonal Memberships

Daily, weekly, and monthly rates as well as seasonal memberships are offered for renters and guests.

Meet the Staff

Luis Quintero

Director of Racquet Sports

Alexander Vishnevskiy

Assistant Professional

Eduardo Lourido

Assistant Professional

Joaquin Vallejo

Assistant Professional

Irene Recuenco

Assistant Professional

Buck Hill Tennis Club

Junior Instruction 2021

Our Junior Program will follow a consistent scientifically proven structure. The 10 & Under methodology uses child development theory to determine practices regarding instructional language, behavioral management, reward systems, and age-appropriate drills and games. The priority of this methodology is for the kids to have fun while developing the necessary skills to become competitive tennis players. This system focuses on rally-based lessons, where players are never in line waiting for the tennis professional to feed balls. Players engage in rallying with each other while the tennis professionals have time to constantly give feedback and encourage players positively. Players over 10 years old will continue developing their technique and will focus on match play situations. This will allow them to develop a game style and deeper understanding of tennis strategies and competition.

Red Robins (Ages 3 & 4):
Little ones ready to start to get a feel for racquets and following the ball, balance, and hand-eye coordination. Foam balls, 19″ racquets.

Red Raider (Ages 5 to 8):
Entry-level beginners to advanced beginners, continuing to build and develop hand/eye skills, agility, and balance, loads of fun. Foam and red balls, 19″-23″ racquets, 36′ court.

Orange Crush (Ages 9 to 10):
Advanced beginners to intermediates, juniors that have begun instruction but not yet playing full sets. Orange balls, 60′ court, 23″-25″ racquets.

Green Hornets (Ages 11 to 12):
Intermediate players with match skills, juniors with previous instruction entering competition mode. Green-dot balls, 78′ court, 26″-27″ racquets.

Advanced Training Program 1 (ATP1) (Ages 12 & up):
Intermediate to advanced level, juniors with lesson experience and some competition. Green & Yellow balls, 78′ court, and 27″ racquets.

Advanced Training program 2 (ATP2) (Ages 14 & Up) :
High intermediate to advanced level, juniors with lesson experience playing matches. Yellow balls, 78′ court, and 27″ racquets.

Spring Program

Weekly starting Monday, May 31st – Sunday, June 27th

Please click here to sign up. If you have any problems signing up, please email Luis at

GroupAgeBallsDaysTimeFee/ Session
Red Robins3-4FoamM/F/Sat4:15-5:00$20
Red Raiders5-8RedM/F/Sun4:00-5:00$25
Orange Crush9-10OrangeM/F/Sat4:00-5:00$25
Green Hornets11-12GreenM/F/Sat4:00-5:30$38
Advanced Training Program 1 (ATP1)12 & UpGreen/ YellowM/F/Sun4:00-5:30$38
Advanced Training Program 2 (ATP2)14 & UpYellowM/F/Sun 4:00-5:30$38

Summer Program

Weekly starting Monday June 28th – Friday August 20th

Please click here to sign up. If you have any problems signing up, please email Luis at

GroupAgeBallsDaysTimeFee/ Session
Red Robins3-4FoamTu/W/Th/Sat3:15-4$20
Red Raiders5-8RedM/W/F/Sun3:30-4:30$25
Orange Crush9-10OrangeTu/Th/Sat3:30-4:30$25
Green Hornets11-12GreenTu/Th/Sat 4:30-6$38
Advanced Training Program 1 (ATP1)12 & UpGreen/ YellowM/W/F/Sun4:30-6$38
Advanced Training Program 2 (ATP2)14 & UpYellowTu/Th/Sun4:30-6$38

Adult Instruction 2021

Doubles Clinics

Our doubles clinics will focus on the following concepts:

  1. Stroke development
  2. How to play winning doubles
  3. Competitive doubles Patterns
  4. Court Positioning & Shot selection
  5. Offensive and defensive tactics
  6. Teamwork Match Play
  7. Intentional Tennis.

Weekly starting Monday, May 31st – Tuesday, September 7th Sign up is required.

Click here to sign up. If you have any problems signing up, please email Luis at

Monday9-10:30 amA/B doubles practice$45
Tuesday8-9 amMasters/ Women 50+$30
Tuesday9-10:30 amB/C Doubles Practice$45
Tuesday5:30-7 pmA/B Doubles Practice$45
Wednesday8-9 amMasters/ Women 50+$30
Wednesday9-10:30 amA/B Doubles Practice$45
Thursday9-10:30 amB/C Doubles Practice$45
Thursday5:30-7 pmB/C Doubles Practice$45
Friday8-9 amMasters/ Women 50+$30
Friday9-10:30 amA/B Doubles Practice$45
Friday10:30am-12pmB/C Doubles Practice$45
Saturday9:30-11 amB/C Doubles Practice$45
Saturday11am-12:30pmA/B Doubles Practice$45
Sunday9:30-11 amA/B Doubles Practice$45
Sunday11am-12:30pmB/C Doubles Practice$45

Power 90: Cardio Dynamic Tennis Class:

This high energy class includes cardio, stroke development, and situational tennis for each specific level of play. This dynamic games-based class focuses on players continuously moving without taking breaks between points. This provides a strong workout while also having fun and developing doubles tennis skills. 

Weekly starting Monday, May 31st – Tuesday, September 7th. P90 classes are drop-in during weekdays but require sign-up for Saturday and Sunday. 

For Saturday and Sunday please sign up here. If you have any problems signing up, please email Luis at 

Monday10:30am-12:00pmB/C levels$40
Monday5:30pm-7:00pmA/B levels$40
Tuesday10:30am-12:00pmA/B levels$40
Wednesday10:30am-12:00pmB/C levels$40
Wednesday5:30pm-7:00pmB/C levels$40
Thursday10:30am-12:00pmA/B levels$40
Friday12:00pm-1:30pmB/C levels$40
Friday5:30pm-7:00pmA/B levels$40
Saturday8:00am-9:30amA/B levels$40
Sunday8:00am-9:30amB/C levels$40

Tennis In No Time:

Tennis In No Time is designed to help men and women learn the fundamentals of the game. This class will help players to be able to rally and learn the basic tactics of the sport. All the strokes will be covered, in addition to a strategic understanding of the game.  This class is designed to get everyone up and playing in 4-6 weeks, if not sooner!

Weekly Starting June 3rd – Saturday, September 4th. Sign-up is required, minimum of 2 players needed to hold each class.

Please click here to sign up. If you have any problems signing up, please email Luis at


Junior Tennis Events 

Adult Tennis Events