Buck Hill Cottages for Sale

Explore Buck Hill Falls’ stunning mountainside homes where visitors, families, and neighbors live on 4500 pristine acres enjoying blissful tranquility and upholding an exclusive lifestyle of sophistication and cherished traditions.

Discover over a century of unmatched natural splendor at every “cottage.” Whether you are looking to periodically visit your lavish getaway or you would prefer to make it your permanent residence, Buck Hill Falls feels like home. Spend time walking the private community trails nestled between cottages, enjoy a fresh cup of coffee on a dynamic porch with friends, or visit the center of the community participate in an abundance of energetic activities and clubs.

All Buck Hill Falls cottage owners enjoy complete infrastructure services including: seasonal snow plowing of roads and homeowners’ driveways, an on-site gravity sewer system, backyard sanitation pickup, delivery of firewood, recycling services, and a protected watershed. The watershed offers a natural spring, creek, and well-water supply system with an exceptional water rating. Cottagers can also feel safe knowing they have seven day, around-the-clock patrolling by its own private security force. Additionally, joining the Buck Hill Falls community has the benefit of enjoying all the amenities and services without paying initiation fees like other private clubs.

Please take a few moments to preview the featured homes for sale in the Buck Hill Falls community. Simply click one of the links below to visit experienced real estate agents in the Pocono Mountains.

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