Peggy Bancroft from South Sterling, PA is the author of Buck Hill is a Feeling of the Heart, which was printed in limited edition in 1995. She writes, “Yes, Buck Hill is a feeling of the heart, a citadel of peace. It is people, not place. It is surroundings, not structures. Just being here is reason enough for living.” In the preface of this book, you can read the following poem that expresses the magic of the Buck Hill Falls community and its 4500 acres of surroundings:

By the Creek they call the Griscom,
By the falling of the waters
In the forest deep with hemlock,
Where the sunbeams could not linger,

Forests standing strong on boulders

Buried with the leaves and needles
Dropped in centuries of seasons.
Here the water, home to fishes, 
Sparkle in the morning misting,
Offer back the clouds above them,
Sound soft music in a murmur.
Find hayscented fern and groundpine
Lingering in forest places.
Seek to find enchanters nightshade
Where the woodland floor is blooming.
Listen to the rush of birdsong,

See the whitetailed deer elusive,

Touch the mosses and the lichens.
Here tall hemlocks reach for sunlight
And for stars that glow above them. . . 
All around the wildness lingers, 
All around the shadows lengthen
Where the green and glossy branches
Bend to shelter each intruder
Coming here to find a reason 
And an answer to life's questions.
Here the searcher learns the answer
In this place of quiet beauty. . . 
Leave the busy world behind you
This is where your heart belongs!

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