The holidays are a time for family, for gatherings, and for giving in the safety and security of a warm home. However, wintertime is said to be one of the most difficult times of the year for those experiencing challenges such as poverty, escape from abuse, and other situations that are beyond their control. This Thanksgiving holiday, the Buck Hill Falls community is coordinating with Purses Full of Hope to offer a helping hand to less fortunate women in Monroe County.

Purses Full of Hope is a charity organization with the motto: “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform.” Founded by Sally Young and her daughters Kyra Miller, and Brielle Miller in December 2015, the organization strives to give love and assistance to women seeking safety from domestic abuse, poverty, or homelessness by collecting and hand delivering purses filled with women’s toiletries and other items to shelters.

Purses Full of Hope is simple and effective. Here’s how it works: Donor’s take a gently used handbag and fill it with new makeup, toiletries, hand sanitizer, nail polish, shampoo, conditioner, personal essentials, gift cards, and even books and journals – these things can have the power to change a woman’s life when she is in a challenging situation.

While a new tube of lipstick may have the power to uplift, encouraging or motivating words can empower. Before a donation is made, there is one essential addition to a Purses Full of Hope donation. The giver is asked to include a handwritten note or a short personal message to the woman who receives the donation – tucked into the handbag. It’s this personal message that really makes Purses Full of Hope so special to those in need and offers a connection, an understanding, and can inspire a sense of purpose when a woman may have completely lost touch with her personal feminine beauty and power.

Donations for the Purses Full Of Hope Drive will be collected by Buck Hill’s Lot and Cot Organization and the Buck Hill Falls Company and all the handbags donated will be distributed to a local women’s shelter. Anyone interested in donating something special for the drive can drop off purse donations to the Buck Hill Falls Company office (attn: Erin Delaney) before November 22. The Buck Hill office is open from 8:30am – 4pm and is located at 270 Golf Drive, Buck Hill Falls, PA 18323 between the Lawn Bowling Greens and the Buck Hill Post Office.


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