Locally Sourced 2019 Art Show Opening Highlights Makers and Artists in The Buck Hill Falls Community

Veduta Gallery owner Robert Woodward and his partner Nadya Shmavonian were thrilled by the participation in the new “Locally Sourced Art’ show that opened on August 4: “One of the most striking things that impressed and delighted us upon first landing in Buck Hill Falls, was the voluminous talent of the members our new community.” This proved to be the genesis of the idea to invite any member of the BHF community to submit work they have created over the years – or for the show explicitly.

Lo and behold, over 130 pieces were submitted by 45 artist/makers, and the floor-to-ceiling exhibit will be on display through Labor Day.  The goal was to showcase the volume of creativity and artistry of the BHF community by including artisans, painters, crafters, and epicureans of all types. Participants were allowed to decide for themselves what to display, and with the exception of some space limitations, all work was accepted.

The opening itself was a celebration of the community, as the day witnessed a constant throng of people visiting to see the work of their neighbors.

Many pieces are for sale and the Gallery is not taking commission for this show.

The show runs through Labor Day: @ Veduta Gallery – across from Steele’s Hardware – 6631 Route 191, Cresco, PA 18326


* Every Saturday/Sunday 11-3 PM.

* Weekdays, Thursday, Friday, and weekdays if you see the OPEN banner waving out front.

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