Summer Camp in Buck Hill

Buck Hill is a great place to be a kid!

Buck Hill Falls provides exactly what many families look for: a supportive community in which children and teenagers experience the importance of family, of neighbors, of playing hard and giving back. Camp Club is a place where children thrive, where they have the chance to play, learn, grow, and benefit from an enthusiastic and caring, quality staff in a safe, engaging, and natural unplugged environment. Children who go through Camp Club together cultivate lifelong relationships. From childhood through adulthood, these friends regroup at Buck Hill for summers and holidays – sharing a unique experience that will last a lifetime.
Each summer, Buck Hill offers visiting and resident families the option of enrolling their children at our on-site summer camp. Youth between the ages of 3 – 13 can participate for the summer and children are appropriately grouped by age to engage them in an entire season of activities, instruction, weekly trips, and team events. Teenagers from 14 – 16 participate in our unique summer program, TeenCo., offering special learning opportunities, fun activities, and weekday trips. Additionally, young athletes have the option of joining our Summer Swim Team or being a part of friendly Junior Golf and Tennis competitions.

Camp Options

Group of Kids

Camp Club

In the summer, children from age 3 – 11 attend Camp Club, our on-site day camp. Activities include: art, music, nature studies, active field trips, and good old-fashioned games, as well as instruction in swimming, tennis, golf, and lawn bowling. Pizza nights, camp-outs, movie nights, and more ensure that each summer your child spends at Buck Hill will be chock-full of memorable moments.

Senior Camp

Youth ages 11 – 13 can attend Senior Camp for full day summer camp with an emphasis on intermediate sports instruction and play in golf, swimming, and tennis. Senior Campers also enjoy weekday off-campus trips and unique, counselor-led activities.

Group of kids speaking into a mic
Group of Kids

Teen Co.

Teens ages 14 – 16 meet three days per week and participate in skilled and advanced activities led by Senior Camp Counselors and leaders from Buck Hill Falls community organizations. Sessions include hiking, camping, artistic endeavors, cooking, nature studies, etc. Active Teen Co. participants also learn responsibility by earning attendance to off-campus trips, which happen three times per week.