The Breeze

During the last 103 years, The Breeze (as it’s now called), fancied a medley of looks reflecting the style of the era in which it was written. Some of those iterations were unadorned and straightforward—reflecting, so it would seem, the values of the founding Quakers who wrote, edited, and read them. As the years passed, and as the makeup of the community became more diverse, so did the design and tone of The Breeze; color was added, bolder graphics were used, more decorative flourishes found a home, and ads became more prominent. Today, The Breeze pays homage to the past with vintage icons, old-fashioned typefaces, and classic embellishments. But those timeless touches are paired with improved four-color photography and fresh content that is every bit as friendly and informative as those incarnations of 100, 50, or 25 years ago.

The Breeze is distributed free to cottagers and is published six times a year: Winter (December, January, February, March); Spring (April, May); June; July; August; and Fall (September, October, November). It is an entertaining source on events and happenings in the community. For more information contact