Community Organizations

Buck Hill Art Association

The Buck Hill Art Association is dedicated to fostering, inspiring and promoting an appreciation of all aspects of the cultural arts in the resort community and maintaining the traditions of our past linked with the opportunities of our future. The Buck Hill Falls Art Association sponsors an annual art week and artist-in-residence, as well as painting, craft classes, and exhibitions throughout the year.

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Foxhowe Lecture and Entertainment Series

The Foxhowe Association, founded in 1924, presents some of the leading speakers and performers of our day in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Politicians, commentators, comedians, musicians, filmmakers, New York Times best-selling authors, and more have delighted and challenged Foxhowe audiences. The summer lineup of guests — always eclectic and intriguing — adds to the magic of the Buck Hill season. An independent, not-for-profit 501(c)(3), Foxhowe’s presentations and events are free to the public.

Conservation Foundation

Buck Hill Falls encompasses 4,500 acres of scenic forest, pristine streams, and waterfalls in the Pocono Mountains. The Buck Hill Conservation Foundation was founded in 1992 with a mission to preserve and protect land in and around Buck Hill Falls, to promote the health of the local forest and watershed, and to foster appreciation of the area’s natural beauty. It is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) land trust that has purchased or put under easement over 1,000 acres of land. The foundation plans, maps, and maintains trails, sponsors guided hikes with naturalists throughout the year, built and equipped a nature study room for camp club, donates money for nature education, and employs a part-time ranger.

Community Services

The Buck Hill Community Services Committee raises funds from Buck Hill residents to provide financial support to local agencies that promote the health and welfare of Barrett Township residents. Grant recipients have included, among others, The Barrett Paradise Friendly Library, the Pocono Health Foundation, the Barrett Township Volunteer Fire Department, and the local Meals on Wheels, Friendly Community Center, and Boy Scout, Cub Scout, and Girl Scout troops. In 2015, the Community Services Committee awarded $35,000 in grants to 13 local charities.


Quaker Friends

While the Buck Hill Community is welcoming to all backgrounds, religions, and spiritualities, there is a rich, historic Quaker tradition in the Community’s past.

When Quakers founded Buck Hill Falls in 1901, they saw its idyllic natural environment as a perfect setting for their spiritual practices and formation. Over the past hundred years, Friends have shared Sunday morning worship at Buck Hill in the summer when many families are in residence, first in the Inn, and then in various locales around the community. Most recently, Buck Hillers have enjoyed worship in several of the beautiful outdoor settings our community provides.

Compared to those early days, today there are many fewer Quakers among Buck Hill residents. However, these days many people appreciate practices such as meditation and mindfulness, which are closely related to Quaker worship.


What is Quaker worship?

Quakers believe that individuals connect directly with Spirit rather than through the intermediary of a religious authority or sacred text. Therefore, (liberal) Quaker worship involves settling into a period of silence, which is “expectant waiting” for a divine message. The state of mind Friends strive for might be compared to some practices of meditation.

Although Quakers have organizational bodies in the form of yearly and monthly meetings, they believe that no consecrated place or time is necessary for worship. Therefore, the worship of a small group by the side of Paiste Pond is just as sacred as the worship of a hundred Quakers in a meetinghouse in Philadelphia.

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The Breeze Magazine

In July of 1913, Buck Hill started a community newsletter for cottagers and guests of the inn. That publication was called the Buck Hill Falls Breeze. Today, The Breeze is available for our residents as a community entertainment magazine.

Pocono Mountain Music Festival

Over two mid-summer weeks, the Pocono Mountains Music Festival offers opera, jazz, chamber music, cabaret, musical theater, and dance of the highest professional quality, from nationally acclaimed artists. Attendees can sit in on master classes, workshops, and rehearsals during the day, then watch it all come together in thrilling, moving concerts.

Founded in 2009 as the Buck Hill Skytop Music Festival, the Pocono Mountains Music Festival continues to offer musical and educational programming as a unique cultural resource for the northeast Pennsylvania region. Now in its eighth season, the Festival showcases seasoned and up-and-coming performers in the disciplines of chamber music, cabaret, jazz, pop, and musical theater in intimate performance venues that allow audiences unparalleled access to world-renowned musicians. The Festival employs over 120 professional artists, designers, musicians and educators each summer. Committed to sourcing from local businesses, The Pocono Mountains Music Festival works with area restaurants, sound and lighting suppliers, printers, and everything else in between to make this yearly festival happen.

The Pocono Mountains Music Festival is also committed to a tradition of excellence in performing arts education. Pocono Mountains Performing Arts Camp students will participate in a wide variety of daily musical and theatrical workshops to enhance their skills in each discipline. Available classes include acting and improvisation, musical theater, Orff percussion, dance, music, and a new visual arts component. Classes are led by some of the top professionals in their field, including those who have worked on award-winning Broadways shows such as Hamilton, Chicago, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the Forum, and Sunset Boulevard, plus those with backgrounds in film, classical music, dance, and more. Students will work alongside professionals to showcase a final performance where they present their newly-honed skills in a professionally produced concert.