What People Say About Buck Hill

On Buck Hill Homes

“I think it was the architectural splendor of the cottages that first caused me to fall in love with the Buck Hill Falls community.

In 1986 we bought a small house on the perimeter of the community. The beautiful old shingle-style houses were so attractive and yet affordable. Our first cottage was in need of some tender loving care… we really enjoyed fixing it up. We soon moved on to a second cottage and started the whole process all over again. We have a passion for lovingly restoring these charming old residences to their former glory. Many people have done the same.

The Buck Hill Falls community is beautiful, with the grandeur of the cottages carefully tucked into the lush landscape of the mountains and the beautiful, natural waterfalls found along the walking trials scattered throughout the community. I am constantly impressed at the value and the beauty of a country vacation home you can find located just two short hours from the city”


“There is something special about holidays spent at Buck Hill Falls. Of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas in the traditional setting of the Buck Hill Falls Community are visually postcard perfect. But there is just something about the July 4th celebration that captures the traditions of our country and good times spent with family and friends.

The day starts with an old-time parade complete with neighbors and friends dressed in early American costumes. Next, it is on to games for the children, picnics at Metzgar’s Farm, or perhaps a round of golf. The day is topped off with a spectacular fireworks display. The community gathers on blankets, and the oohs and aahs from the spectators provide an additional soundtrack to the popping bursts and bangs given off by the colorful displays.

To me, the wonder of the 4th of July is watching everyone building their own traditions and experiences that will bring them joyous memories for a lifetime to come.”

Enjoying Nature

“Buck Hill Falls is a good antidote to the crazy lifestyle we all live during the week. It’s a place where we can get away from the bustle of the city, and spend time creating memories with the kids. During the week everyone is doing their thing, but we are together on weekends.

We built a house in 2007 — a year after our first child was born. We live in Brooklyn, but we spend almost every weekend of the year in Buck Hill Falls, with our children and the two dogs. There are beautiful woods, meadows, waterfalls, and streams for the kids and dogs to run around and play in.

We golf, play tennis, spend hours at the pool, hike in the woods, play in the streams, and spend most of our time in the warm months in our garden with our kids. The entire family has really gotten into vegetable gardening the past few years. In the winter, we sled and ice skate with the kids, and the adults cross-country ski in the woods.

It is a good life. The kids, grownups, grandparents, and even the dogs are happy.”

–NY Family

Childhood Memories

“When I was a child, I couldn’t wait to come to Buck Hill Falls! I still remember the excitement of going under the stone bridge and knowing that I was really, finally at Buck Hill. Now, over sixty-five years later, I watch my grandchildren leap from the car with that same joy and anticipation.

My parents found they loved the community’s beauty and activities, so they purchased a home and quickly found wonderful friends. Our family has been coming to Buck Hill ever since. My parents always said that they wanted a place where all of us would come, a place that everyone would want to be. Mom and Dad knew what they were doing when they chose the Buck Hill Falls community. Our numbers have grown to 44 who gather every summer and for holidays at our family home at Buck Hill.”

–Lifetime Buck Hiller

Creating Lifelong Friendships

“Buck Hill Falls is where connections nurture our soul. When we moved to the Buck Hill Falls community, we only knew one couple and didn’t participate fully in the sports or cultural activities. The friendly vibe in the community was so warm and strong, we soon were regulars at events and as a result met a lot of new people including families with kids and many couples like us — empty nesters.

Many of these cottagers have become dear friends and one of our favorite past times in the summer is to share a meal with them on the back porch. But this activity isn’t unique to our group. You can travel all around the community and see various cottagers doing the same thing — every porch buzzing with activity — a universal happening!

There is nothing quite as dreamy as gathering outside on a warm summer night, overlooking the beautiful Pocono mountains and sharing food, drink and laughter with good friends.”

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