The following is an excerpt from the original article “Buck Hill Falls”, composed by a 9-year old Cottager. It first appeared in the Holiday 2013 edition of The Breeze Magazine

I have been coming to Buck Hill for as long as I can remember. Buck Hill is such a special place to me and has many things for me to enjoy. I have so many skills that I learned at summer camp that you can’t learn anywhere else.

Me and my family love every part of it from the breezy mountain air to my friends. It is such an important place for everybody here and without Buck Hill my life would not be the same. Every paper I write in school is about my adventures in Buck Hill. My teacher wrote in my report card “she is always talking about Buck Hill and she has a lot to say about Buck Hill.”

Everybody I know makes it more amazing each day. When I look out the window at the stretch of beauty I think about how lucky I am. When I drive under the historic bridge, everybody in my car smiles and once my brother even smiled in his sleep as we went under the bridge.

Every moment here is treasured in my mind, like when I cast my first fly rod, when my little cousin won a trophy at the Fishing Derby, even just slapping high fives with my friends. Anywhere you go in Buck Hill is special and I am going to take my kids here, that’s if I have kids.

If this article is published and you are a kid and you are reading this, you should try something like this – it’s much better than playing Wii! I hope Buck Hill is as special to you as it is to me.



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