Serving and Preserving

Over the years, Buck Hill has developed two organizations to serve the needs of the cottage community and preserve a pleasing and cohesive look.

Lot & Cottage Owners’ Association of Buck Hill Falls

A non-profit entity, “Lot and Cot” is comprised of owners of undeveloped lots and cottages in the Community of Buck Hill Falls.

Founded in 1909, the Association’s volunteer Board of Directors represents its Membership when advising the BHF Company and its Board of Directors. With a combined communication, financial, and social focus, the Board’s charge is to aid in perpetuating the spirit of the Community and to help in furthering the comfort, health, safety, peace, and enjoyment of its Members.

Cottage and lot owners are encouraged to have an annual Lot & Cot membership that includes voting privileges and participation in all Lot & Cot sponsored events. Throughout the year, the Association sponsors numerous seasonal special events and annual activities for all ages. The July 4th Celebration is much anticipated and has taken place for generations.

The Architectural Design Review Committee (ADRC)

The Architectural Design Review Committee (ADRC) acts on behalf of the Buck Hill Falls Company in approving plans for new construction or renovations of existing structures. All construction projects within the Community require approval by the ADRC, and a bond deposit is required prior to starting projects. The deposit will be refunded upon project completion, provided the agreed-upon plans were followed. This committee supports cottagers’ visions of compatibility with the tranquil and natural environmental lifestyle envisioned by the Buck Hill founders.