About Our Community

Those looking for culture find delight in our annual art show, our fantastic music festival, and our lively schedule of lectures and presentations.

Families revel in an environment where children make life-long friends in our Camp Club, cheer each other on at swim meets, and spend nights camping under the stars and roasting marshmallows.

— Created by Buck Hiller Brian Fowler, Sept 2016

Buck Hill’s founders were Philadelphia Quakers, and the Quaker traditions of openness, welcome, connection to nature, and love of family still infuse our community. Whether we have been here for generations, or arrived last month, whether we came as children, as young married couples, or as retirees, we found a home.

Many of us here first thought: “The Poconos? Really?” Then we drove under that stone bridge and entered a different world. We slowed down, we looked around, and we thought: What is this place?

It’s Buck Hill Falls.
It’s the place in your heart.