Lawn Bowl

lawn_bowling1When you motor down Golf Drive through Buck Hill Falls, you can’t help but notice an open, flat area of brilliant green, perfectly manicured grass — these are the bowling greens that date back to 1931. Two championship greens are separated by a flagstone terrace graced with a shady arbor of trumpet vines. Bowlers lounge in the chairs here between “ends” — sometimes with a cocktail (don’t tell the Friends!).

You’ll often find large family groups gathered at the greens, because lawn bowling is the perfect sport to get generations together. Three-years-old or eighty-three, you can lawn bowl – you can even be on the same team!

Be sure to stop by the greens when we host one of the big, national tournaments – you’ll be watching some of the best lawn bowlers in the country. Whether it’s the Northeast Division tournaments or our friendly competition with the Skytop lawn bowlers, these competitions are always fun to watch.

New to the game? Tomas Ollestad, Director of Lawn Bowling, coordinates weekly Social Bowling on Saturday afternoons. Wander down, try your hand – before you know it, you’ll be on the Buck Hill team and part of a century-old tradition. Spend an afternoon on the greens, with the sun filtering through the tops of the trees and kissing the grass, the bowls rolling smoothly over the rink, tasty homemade appetizers passed around, and – well, don’t blame us if you get hooked on another sport.

Please note: During practice, recreational play, and competition, flat-soled shoes are required to prevent damage to the greens. When participating in a competition, all-white attire is required. Children are expected to follow these guidelines. Bathing suits/cover-ups are not permitted.


Tomas Ollestad, Director:, (570) 595-3298

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