Buck Hill’s history starts in turn-of-the-century Philadelphia, where a pious Quaker inherits 300 pristine acres high in the Pocono Plateau. In 1900, Samuel Griscom convinced his good friend, Howard M. Jenkins, to join him for the harrowing trip from Philadelphia to Cresco by train. The beautiful hills, rushing creeks, dramatic waterfalls, and lush glens filled with rhododendron and hemlock stands convinced them this was the perfect location for a summer retreat that would embody the Quaker tenets of simplicity and a place to quietly commune with nature and like-minded individuals.

With the founding of The Buck Hill Falls Company and erection of a small wooden Inn, Buck Hill was up and running in the summer of 1901. Howard M. Jenkins was a useful partner to the elderly Griscom in this endeavor, as Jenkins was the editor of the Friends’ Intelligencer, a daily newspaper catering to Philadelphia Quakers. With strong marketing of the Inn and the small community of cottages sprouting up around it through the Intelligencer and word of mouth, Buck Hill grew to become the largest and most prestigious of the Pocono resorts. In 1906 a pool was added, and in 1907 land was bought for a golf club; soon after, tennis courts were added and, in the ‘20s, a riding stable and lawn bowling rinks were built. While the Inn closed in 1991, the cottage community’s 300 homes, 4,500 acres of land, golf, tennis, swimming, and lawn bowling clubs, and myriad social, cultural, and charitable organizations still flourish in the pristine Pocono setting.

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